I have a great deal of experience of genealogy having done mine for many years; before we had the computer resources available to us now. I have undertaken research for many other families all of whom have been delighted with the results.

I was a police officer for over thirty years, many of those as a detective and consequently my research is based on evidence and where I make experience based assumptions I will let you know that this is the case, the reasons.

I love unravelling the past, and looking into the lives of people who have long since gone, and thereby keeping their memory alive.  I am looking forward greatly to researching and revealing your family history.

In telling your story, I will utilise all available on-line and real life utilities.  I will search on civil records, parish records, national archives, newspaper archives old maps, and put your story in perpective to what was going on at the time. Some characters in your past will come to life more so than others, but I always remember that each person I write about lived, loved, laughed and cried, and that regardless of their character they lived and breathed during their time, like we do now in ours. They are real people who contributed to you being you. Let me tell you their story.

Please feel free to contact me and I will get straight back to you.


18th March 2018