Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there additional costs?     It is possible that there may be additional costs, for example where it is absolutely necessary to purchase a certificate for the purpose of being able to go back further with certainty then we will contact you and seek your approval before doing so. Equally we will let you know what additional information could be obtained by the purchase of a certificate and give you that option. An example of this may well be something like knowing a cause of death.  The purchase of a certificate is an additional £15.  We will always consult before adding any additional costed work.
  2. Is it cheaper if you don’t find all my ancestors?  The prices of these packages are the same even if we are unable to complete a certain line. For instance on The Victorian line we will research and present what we find in looking as far as your Great Great Grandparents. There are occasions when the individuals cannot be found on parts of certain lines, but we would research all available avenues to do so.  The cost remains the same because often in genealogy the things that actually take the longest time are looking for the things we don’t find. However the cost of the packages are not per hour and we will take as long as it requires to satisfy ourselves that we have researched as much as we can to find your family.
  3. I only want to find out about the life of one particular ancestor, how much does this cost? This will cost £20 an hour plus any additional expenses, with a minimum spend of two hours.
  4. What information do you need to start with? Ideally if you can give us information that takes us back to the early part of the 20th Century that would be an excellent start for us.  So obviously your parents names years of birth, and the same with your Grandparents if you know it, towns that were lives in, any known maiden names, and also any family stories or legends as they often are based in truth and give us something to look out for.
  5. When do you want payment? We ask for half of the cost up front with the balance paid upon delivery of the final product.
  6. Can I upgrade a package during the work on a lesser package? Yes of course we often have that happen.